End of the year reflections and thank you!

We are fast approaching the end of 2011 and another year of blogging is also gone by.

This blog started for fun, mainly to provide freely accessible information for coaches and sports scientists around the World in a simple format and possibly using multimedia. I try to keep it going also because I realised it is a good way to reach students and young practitioners as well as being a good platform for debate on many topics. This year I also joined Twitter and started to link social media with the blog in order to offer more and also be able to debate topical issues in sports and exercise sciences.

This year I also used the blog to write a letter in response to an ill-informed newspaper article and received some amazing feedback. Thank you not only for reading the letter but also for supporting my view that that piece of work was really a lot of non-sense.

The blog has grown an incredible following very fast since starting it in 2009. This means that whatever I write is of interest and hopefully stimulates more ideas in other parts of the World. This is exactly what I wanted from the blog. Develop a platform rather than a forum for discussions. The Internet is full of places to discuss and debate, I prefer this place to be somewhere to read something interesting and use it as a starting point, a stimulus to read further and find out more.

This year the blog received 27,668 visits from 145 countries. A lot more visits and countries than last year. I can only say thank you to you all. I am humbled by such interest in what I have to say.


I hope to have the time to keep writing something useful and interesting in 2012. I have few ideas and hope time will be on my side. Next year will be an interesting one professionally, with the Olympic Games in London. I have learnt so much in the last few years having to work towards a “home” Olympic game and will share some ideas and concepts on these pages when possible.

I wish you all a productive and exciting 2012 and thank you again for coming back to visit this blog so often.

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