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Low cost vertical jump tests solution

While looking for software updates I came across the new improved website of Chronojump. The Chronojump project is an interesting example of an open source platform with some cheap hardware solution to allow coaches and sports scientists with limited budgets to perform vertical jump and sprint tests. The software looks interesting and actually better than many commercial editions I have seen. Chronojump is a free software distributed under the terms of GPL license which allows people to use it for free and modify and distribute it. For more information  on GPL licences see GPL on Wikipedia.


The software has demos and is in various languages and allows the collection of data as well as the analysis. There is also a Mac version!

Finally, it is possible to buy the hardware (interface and contact mat) for a total of less than £150.00 (see below)



Chronojump flexible platform

So, all in all a great concept and brilliant cheap solution for testing. I will try to get hold of the hardware to do some in-house testing on its reliability as well as functionality, but I have to say it looks great!