My research activities have been conducted in the laboratory and in the field and I have been always active in trying to publish research even when employed in applied roles.

I have published more than 100 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals and received more than 10000 citations (H Index = >36 – Google Scholar; 26 – Scopus). The citation distribution is available here:

Scholar Plot

All this work has been conducted in collaboration with numerous colleagues around the World and it is a testament to the importance of working together to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Top 5 Most Cited Papers

1.The use of vibration as an exercise intervention (2003) (Citations: 1137)
2.Reliability and factorial validity of squat and countermovement jump … (2004) (Citations: 1046)
3.Hormonal responses to whole-body vibration in men (2000) (Citations: 836)
4.Adaptive respsonses of human skeletal muscle to vibration exposure (1999) (Citations: 818)
5.Influence of vibration on mechanical power and electromyogram activit… (1999) (Citations: 669)

More details about my research work and access to the papers is detailed below:

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