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Olympic Results Visualization

In recent months I have been using Microsoft Power BI to develop dashboards to present data in graphical format and analyse data gathered during the day to day activities in my workplace. This product is absolutely amazing (also because it is free!) and it has really facilitated the way I can put together dynamic reports and share data with my staff as well as other colleagues and coaches.
If you want to know more about Power BI you can go to this weblink and also you can have a look at the demo video to understand the capabilities.



I am following the Olympics from a distance and I am very interested in the results just like anybody involved in Olympic Sports. Most of all, I like to track the medal table and understand more about who is winning what medal and how countries are doing in various sports. Considering the fact that there are many data repositories on the internet to have such information, I have developed a Power BI dashboard which collects live data and can visualise them in a simple way. I would like to share this dashboard with the readers and will continue to develop it in order to conduct a detailed analysis of the medal table once the Olympics are over.

The dashboard is interactive and you can click and expand graphs as well as change the visualisations. I hope you will like it.

Here is the dashboard:

Alternatively, if you cannot access it via this blog, just click on THIS link and you should be able to view it.