Free software for notational/video analysis


I have recently downloaded the most recent version of LongoMatch, a free software capable of performing video analysis and tagging with loads of functions. This is another great tool, completely free and very useful for coaches, sports scientists and performance analysis.



This is a brilliant software, easy to use and user friendly. I spent about 20 minutes to figure everything out and was able to complete quickly some analysis of Handball games.


With LongoMatch you can tag the most important plays of the game and group them by categories to study each detail of the game strategy. Once you tagged a play, you can review it with a simple click, even in slow motion, and adjust the lead and lag time of each play frame by frame using the timeline. LongoMatch has support for playlists, an easy way to create presentations with plays from different games. If you prefer, you can even export the playlist to a new video.

The Manual is available here.

If you are a coach and/or a sports scientist willing to perform tagging of specific activities performed by your athletes, you definitively need to try LongoMatch a great free software!

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