Excel Add-ins

Many sports scientist use spreadsheets to analyse data, prepare training programmes and/or deal with complex numbers or formulas. Microsoft excel is probably the most used spreadsheet in the sports science community.

Before suggesting some useful add-ins, I would like to remind readers that a free product with all the capabilities of Microsoft office can be downloaded for free at:


The quality of this software is immense and it is fully compatible with Microsoft products. This is an open source project which allows anyone to have a good quality software without paying a penny.

The following screen shot is just an example of the amazing capabilities of the spreadsheet:


So, if you are in need to such a software have a look at it, it is free.

I recently installed a very useful add-in for excel provided by ASAP utilities. It really speeds up all the work I do on spreadsheets and it is now an invaluable tool for me.


If you are an individual user you can download it for free.

More information will appear on this blog on softwares/spreadsheets and any possible free resources on the web that could be useful for a Sports Scientist. So, stay tuned!

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