Analysing Twitter trends

Twitter is a fascinating tool. It is nowadays one of the best social media when it comes to speed and availability of information. I have been using it for few months now and I am amazed by the information available on twitter as well as how easy it is to communicate and reach a wide audience.

Of course with so much information available on twitter it is now possible to analyse what people write and if there are any trends in the data.

Some online solutions are available to analyse twitter feeds. Trendistic is a popular choice.

I started with some simple analysis of pain and stress to see if there is any pattern. In the last 180 days there seems to be not much fluctuation and constant reference to these words.


The same here with weightloss and strength.


Curiously, analysing the keyword tired, it seems that people are mostly expressing their tiredness in the morning rather than in the afternoon/evening after a long day at work.

So, it seems that we can now analyse people’s behavior studying their tweets. I have few ideas for applications with athletes. Will keep you posted after some longitudinal work.

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