Free online issue of Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance

In anticipation of the London 2012 Olympics and as a build-up to the opening of registration for The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance Meeting, The Journal of Physiology and Experimental Physiology have just launched a free online issue on The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance.

Experimental Physiology:
The Journal of Physiology:

Papers selected for this special online issue draw attention to exercise and training as extreme physiological variants. A considerable breadth of physiology is covered, including genes and human performance, the regulation of muscle protein and collagen turnover, tendon responses to exercise, fatigue (local and central), age and sex differences in response to training, vasodilator function, oxygen transport and oxygen demand, motor drive and motor unit recruitment, respiratory fatigue and mitochondrial and fuel metabolism.

Papers were selected by Paul Greenhaff (JP) and Michael White (EP).

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