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iPOD/iPhone and sports science software

apple-iphone-in-hand-thumbElectronics manufacturer Apple Inc. is developing some software and hardware products aimed at the fitness and sports science market.

I was performing a simple patent search on Google Patents with iPOD and Fitness as keywords and came across a series of interesting patents filed by Apple.

The patent (US 2008/0077620 A1) shows also some screen shots of the software and the hardware is presented in other patents filed by Apple in 2007.



image image imageApple Fitness Companion

So, how long before we will be seeing tools for sports scientists and fitness instructors on the market able to be interfaced with Apple devices? Not very long. Apple in fact released the SDKs (software development kits) few months ago and I am sure a lot of people are working hard to deliver some apple-based solutions for sports scientists. The lifestyle companion system (this is the name of the patent) will allow also the possibility of setting specific goals, tracking progress and sharing information with an internet-based community.

I am looking forward to see it in action!

Coaches’ infoservice is back online

The coaches’ infoservice was a great idea which was started few years ago by Ross Sanders way before blogs become easy to setup and run. image

The Coaches’ Information Service website is designed to deliver the latest sports science information to sports practitioners including coaches, participants, physical educators and practitioners in the medical health vocations that have a sports focus. It is divided in specific sections by sport and has some generic sections for all (i.e. strength and conditioning).

It is a great idea and I am glad to see it back up and running with a new look!

I used to be the editor of the Team Handball Section and wrote a couple of articles on strength and conditioning for team handball players few years ago.


If you are interested, the following two articles are available online together with some videoclips:

Finally, the coaches’s infoservice also provides access to interviews to various specialists.